Anomaly Science

Deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected.

[who we are]

Anomaly Science is a distributed software company, lowering the level of entry for developers to turn their projects into products.

We specialize in the Artisan Method of software development, where our developers build their software trade over time and are placed in necessary projects where the skill they love is needed, rather than being forced to learn a new tech stack.

[what we do]

We run a system of semi-autonomous projects called Particles. In each Particle, architects and engineers are responsible for the technical work and making decisions for the future of their project. Everything from a business and financial perspective is covered by us.

While developers have the necessary technical skills to build an app, many lack the business or financial management skills to run a startup, leaving them at a disadvantage. By turning their project into a Particle with us, this becomes a non-issue.

[how to join]

We are currently invite-only. Existing members of Anomaly Science may invite new members, or individuals may receive an invitation directly from us if a project at a hackathon, on GitHub, or elsewhere caught our attention. If you haven't received an invitation yet, we encourage you to join our waitlist, where you will receive an invitation once a space becomes available.

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[the team]

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